#16. Alberta and 29th Ave. Apr 18, 2015 - 5:01 pm

Another return! This time La Bonita was open so I played across the street on the sidewalk on the south side of Alberta.

First thing I did was set up my benches, and then began donning the equipment. As I was tuning my guitar a couple of kids ran by with ice cream cones, followed by a woman I figured was their mother. She walked past and stopped, and keeping her back to me she muttered audibly, “I’m so sorry the revolutionary council couldn’t provide you with benches.” I have to wonder, was I transgressing by playing in this spot?

Well, she walked off before I could engage, so I went ahead and transgressed, er, played. The revolutionary council never showed up, but during the second or third song, I saw my friend Katie coming across the street. I was delighted to see she took in the remainder of my show perched on a bench.

It was  a pretty warm day, and a lot of families and large groups were strolling down Alberta. Some stuck around, some even sat down. I had wisely chosen to stand in the shade of the building while the placement of my benches encouraged spectators to bask in a sunny space before me.

Maybe half an hour in, another friend rolled up on his bike, locked it up, and took a seat on the other bench. It was none but Jeffrey, taking a break from learning new words so he could see what all this one man band nonsense was about.

It was about two hours, is what it was. I played from 5pm to just after 7pm, to maybe 50 different people stopping to watch here and there (although only Katie and Jeffrey stuck it out to the bitter end). As the sun kissed the horizon I decided to call it a day–before these old legs gave out altogether.

Although I enjoyed much of what transpired during my show (La Bonita sidewalk diners not complaining, people crossing the street to come listen) my favorite moment was after I played a song and a little boy came up to ask me what it was called. “Entropy,” I replied, and he asked, “What’s Entropy?” I told him: Kid, ask your parents. You don’t want to learn about something so important from some punk out in the street!

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