#29. Hotel Vernon in Worcester, MA Aug 13, 2015 - 7:00 pm

The first scheduled show of the tour was set for the house on Forbes Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. Because we (my roadie and I) were traveling from Brooklyn, and wanted to avoid Connecticut’s seemingly perpetual traffic going north, we headed north pretty early.

We beat the traffic, but arrived in Worcester well ahead of showtime. We tooled around the city a bit, and had some terrible pizza for dinner, and started looking for a place to meet up with the Terribles. They weren’t in Worcester yet, but recommended stopping in at Hotel Vernon where a mutual friend is a bartender.

There were a few people there, as day-drinking turned into night-drinking, and we settled in for a pint ourselves. It turned out the bartender would not be able to attend the show, and asked if I wanted to play a few songs in the bar. I’m always up for interesting new places to play, so why not?

Some of the folks were curious about the setup process, others looked on with a kind of dread. When I finally began to play, the curious were entertained, the dreaders did not even turn around on their stools.

I played just a few songs–got to save something for the show–and handed out a bunch of calling cards and stickers, then packed it all up. I think I made an impression, because not long after I got home, one Dominic from the show used the form on this site to ask me to come back. That’s kind of a first, so you know what, Dominic? I just might!

(Actually, inside this bar.)

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