#43. Alberta and NE 21st Ave. Jun 21, 2016 - 8:07 pm

Some old friends were in town for a show at The Know on Alberta, which is so close to one of my favorite spots to play that I couldn’t pass up the chance to play for them before the show. Whether they wanted to see it or not!

And so on this fine summer solstice, I headed over to ye olde spotte on the sidewalk in front of the upholsterer. While I was setting up, a man stopped to ask about my drum kit, saying he was interested in doing something like that. I told him he could see it in action in a few minutes, but as determined as he might be to form his own one man band, at that moment he was more determined to get some ice cream.

Not too long after he walked away, my drums were ready to go, my benches were all set up, and I began to play. A lot of people were out enjoying the mild evening–plus ice cream–and a lot of them lingered to watch the show. Some even sat on the benches!

I’ve played music on streets long enough to have spent many hours playing to no audience at all, so I’m always glad to have one, even for a minute or two here and there. Tonight it was more than half of the time, and I think I got at least a little applause after every song.

Even better, my friends from out of town, whose band I adore, were able to take in a few songs between load-in and showtime. I’ve seen their band a bunch in the last year, so I was glad to have the chance to “entertain them back” for a change. Smiles from strangers are great, but there’s nothing like smiles on old friends.

I ended up playing just about an hour, and was getting up a pretty good head of steam when the man who had inquired earlier returned with his ice cream. (That must have been a long line!) This time, he only watched. I was drenched in sweat and running out of gas, and maybe made the whole enterprise look less appealing to him, because he asked no further questions.

But if you’re reading this, OMB-curious man, please don’t give up on this dream. Get in touch. I can help!

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