What does your name mean?

Literally, “el demasiado” is Spanish for “the too much.” It’s not grammatical, but it feels accurate.


So what does “PDXOMB” mean?

PDXOMB means Portland (PDX is the airport code) One Man Band


Are you a busker?

I wouldn’t say so. A busker relies on income generated by playing music on the street. I would call myself a “street musician” and leave it at that.


But you make a lot of money playing music, right?

No! Still need a day job. But you can help.


Then why do you do this?

Because it’s fun. Because it creates a sense of community for a moment in a place. Because I can start and stop when I want to. Because I like the honest reaction of a listener who didn’t expect to hear my songs.


I had no cash when I saw you. Is it too late to donate?

Never! I have Patreon and Venmo accounts, user PDXOMB. More info here.


Whose songs are you playing?

Although seemingly unusual for a one man band not playing in a blues style, the songs you hear are almost always my own.


Did you build your backpack drum kit?

No. I started to build a kit, but while researching a good way to operate a snare drum while playing guitar, I discovered that Pete Farmer was about to release his own design to the world, a beautiful yet functional piece of art. For a sum I’ve never regretted spending, I obtained one of the first Backbeat kits and put my half-done project on a shelf in the basement.


Do you live in Portland?


Do you ever tour outside of Portland?

Yes! My setup can be checked as airplane baggage, and I’ve played several shows in New England and NYC, plus Asheville, NC, and Chattanooga, TN.

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