#42. Mississippi and Failing May 29, 2016 - 7:03 pm

A little spur-of-the-moment for this one. After a weekend of domesticity and hanging around the neighborhood, I took my chance to head out on a Sunday evening for some last-minute weekend rocking.

I set up on the corner of Mississippi and Failing, right by the light bulb store. Benches in place, I proceeded to play. Atypically, some friends whom I had alerted actually showed up.

This is good because an audience begets an audience, in a sense: people want to see why someone stopped to watch the thing. But also, if no one else is there, at least I’m not just playing to myself.

I kept it going a while on this balmy Sunday evening, and my friends kept busy ‘gramming and talking amongst themselves; they even listened a little here and there! It was a pleasant last hurrah for all of us as the weekend drew to a close.

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