#2. Alberta and 21st Ave. Aug 2, 2014 - 10:12 pm

After literally months of searching for someone to play on the street with me, plus some traveling with my other band, I decided I would just have to strike out on my own. I was reluctant due to some, er, difficult encounters with the public as a more conventional singer/guitarist, and I wasn’t sure how the pedestrians of Portland’s Alberta Arts neighborhood would take to a one man band.

I found a spot in front of a closed repair shop, by an empty lot. Not close enough to the Salt and Straw line that I was bothering anyone, but people could walk over and check things out if they felt like it.

I’m happy to report, it went pretty well. I played for over an hour, which is a long time in the intense summer heat, and got more than a few smiles and head bobs. And the best thing: some people even hung around for a few minutes to really listen. That’s about the best compliment a street musician can get.

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