#12. Alberta and 21st Ave. Feb 14, 2015 - 4:15 pm

This has become my most frequently played location, and for good reason: good pedestrian traffic, good acoustics, and a sidewalk wide enough for spectators, should any appear. And after  a show earlier today right across from the Pearl’s Salt and Straw ice cream parlor, it was kind of fitting to play by the Alberta district’s Salt and Straw.

And wide sidewalks notwithstanding, it’s actually pretty rare for someone to stand very close by to watch my show. Mostly people stand about 50 feet to my right or left, or across the street. And that’s what happened today: a few young men hung around during and after eating at El Nutri Taco (who kindly leave picnic tables out front) before crossing the street to watch from atop the hood of their car. (At least I hope it was their car!) Some people paused on the periphery of my vision, and sent toddler emissaries to drop a dollar in my collection box.

I managed some 45 minutes of music, and decided to stop before my body gave out and the music suffered more than usual. It was just then that a photographer visiting from Canada, one Dallas Whitley, asked if he could photograph me. He is visiting Portland to take two Polaroid photographs of people he meets, one for himself, and one for the subject. In order to give him an action shot, I played one more song, and here’s what he gave me:

A polaroid photo taken by visiting Canadian artist Dallas Whitley.


Nice pic, Dallas!

At the end of the day, I was pretty tired, but I was glad to have made the most of the weather. I didn’t expect to be playing outside again until June or July, but I’ve already played four outdoor shows this year. Amazing.

By the way, I am still collecting money for my friend Priya’s quest for a handicap accessible van. Please donate if you can!

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