#25. Alberta and 21st Ave. Aug 4, 2015 - 8:00 pm

I swore off Alberta for a while after the last show there and especially my last show at this spot. So I guess it’s been “a while” because I was back again tonight.

I realized as I was heading out that I wouldn’t have a lot of time to play, because I had someplace to be at 9pm*. I debated not going out at all, but a short show is better than no show…right? So I set up at the old familiar place just before 8pm, and set an alarm for 8:30pm on my phone.

At a recent private engagement I thought I played too fast and kind of ran out of gas a little early. So tonight I focused on songs that are harder to play, and tried to regulate my tempo. It felt like I did a better job keeping my stamina, although that may be due to the temperature’s being 20 degrees cooler than my last outing, rather than keeping my tempo in check.

I was never successful in getting anyone to sit down on the benches. Well, except one young lady who sat for a second and tried to encourage her friends to join her. However, her friends wanted to go get dinner and bring it back. “How long will you be here?” asked her friend. I told him half an hour, and he said, “Perfect.”

The thought crossed my mind that “Perfect” might mean “You’ll be gone before we get back.” And indeed, they never returned.

I left at the appointed time, just after playing a new song. I made it to the 9pm event with 10 minutes to spare.

* – A screening of my friend’s documentary at a nearby bar.

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