#4. Cleveland and Failing Sep 12, 2014 - 10:33 pm

Trying not to fall into a rut by playing at the same old place again and again I picked a completely different kind of spot, in a mellower neighborhood but not too far from a busy street with lots of foot traffic. Despite its sad sounding name, this location really fit the bill: restaurants and bars around the corner meant lots of people parking and walking by, but also a lot of the actual residents would be out and about on a Friday evening.

This location isn’t completely random, though. It’s the intersection where Moe (recall show #1) and George live, as I was counting on at least one friendly resident to allow me to play in front of their house without calling the cops. Also, I think they kind of liked it.

As I’d hoped, several folks paused on their way to one of the many bars and restaurants on Williams, but…mostly on different corners, across the street. People, if you see me playing on the street, come closer, it’s perfectly safe! I know it can be awkward, if you’re the only person watching from close by, but another person will always stop if you do. Eventually, you’re just part of a small crowd.

Some old and new friends did hang around on my corner for a few minutes, long enough to witness a brief equipment malfunction. Most embarrassingly, this was in front of Señora Demasiado, who doesn’t come out to every single show, as well as la perra Dorita. But I still got a ride home, so it must not have been too bad for them.

I must admit, not the best show ever, as I was pretty wiped out by the ol’ day job on a Friday night, and the mental acuity and physical precision may have been a bit lacking. Nonetheless, I played for about an hour and fifteen minutes, mostly to appreciative passers-by—apart from the one family who crossed the street between songs to get a closer look, and left as soon as I started the next song. Not for everyone, this one man band.

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