#5. Russell and MLK Sep 21, 2014 - 5:29 am

Trying to expand my zone, I ventured down to Russell and MLK around 7pm on a Saturday night. I worried the traffic would be too loud, and a couple of buses did drown me out while I played. But mainly I felt pretty audible, and detected no hostility about my being there. (Believe it or don’t, not everyone is glad when El Demasiado shows up for some one-man-banding.)

It felt like a pretty good show. This time I brought a list of my song titles, which I often forget in the excitement of performing, so I played a lot of songs I might have forgotten otherwise. A little more than an hour in, my bass drum strap came loose and I decided to call it a night. It’s still pretty hot, and I was almost seeing double anyway. I played one more song without the drum rig, and headed out.

I always say, one person staying to watch beats making money from people who just walk by without listening at all. So I was deeply gratified by the woman who hung around from the first note to the last. As for the proffered marriage proposal, well, Señora Demasiado isn’t ready to give up on us yet.

A friend who stopped by told me she also received a marriage proposal from a man walking by. Who would have thought? The corner of Russell and MLK is surely among the most romantic spots in Portland!

For the next hundred days, any money I make from live shows will be contributed to my dear friend Priya’s campaign to raise funds for a handicap accessible van. Priya is a violinist who’s played many a show on the streets with me, never letting her wheelchair keep her from street rockin’. Since moving to Asheville, NC, she’s gotten much better medical care, but must contend with much worse public transportation. A van she can drive with her hands will improve her quality of life immeasurably. I urge you to contribute whatever you can by clicking here to donate!

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